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About the Movie

Dutty Sykes, a young urban male, whose childhood was spent in a neighborhood shadowed by Boston’s expanding skyline,understood the reality of business decisions from an early age. Raised by Ronesha Sykes, a single mother who indoctrinated him with the knowledge of supply and demand, Dutty’s business endeavors began initially as an observer of and later a participant in his mother’s home-based hustling venture.

A youthful Dutty became absorbed by the allure of business as he assisted his mother’s hustling enterprise that emanated from their apartment. As his mother’s assistant, Dutty frequently observed marginalized individuals, heard the lies they proffered as truths, and wondered why so many of them have had difficulty navigating success into their lives. It is this question that themed Dutty’s desire to elude the fate of his clients.

As an adolescent, Dutty attained celebrity status as being a merchant capable of attaining downtown’s desired items for uptown prices.  However, this notoriety only increased his desire to attain greater heights, Boston’s corporate community. The realization of this goal occurs in Dutty’s  early twenties. By utilizing street contacts, Dutty facilitates the acquisition and delivery of documents to one of his downtown clients with whom he’d  engengered a friendship. The success of this endeavor translates into the realization of Dutty’s dream- entry into the arena of Boston’s corporate world.
As an astute businessman, Dutty utilizes his intelligence, street acumen, and diligence to embark upon his quest to get attain a legitimate and lucrative career in the business world. However, Dutty’s desire to succeed  unfortunately results in professional envy.  After rising in the firm, Dutty soon becomes the target of hostility from his colleagues which leads to a series of episodes that not only threaten to nullify his successes but also involve incarceration. By utilizing his engendered values of loyalty and diligence, Dutty eludes the trap of his enemies, formulates a strategy for success, and navigates a successful career course.
Festival Screenings:
         2009 Roxbury Film Festival
                    Audience Favorite Award
                    Emerging Local Filmmaker Award
         2009 Martha’s Vineyard African American Film Festival
                   HBO Feature Film Finalist
         2009 Peachtree Village International Film Festival
                    Best New Filmmaker Award
         2009 South African International Film Festival
                     Feature Film Finalist
         2010 Aluta Film Festival (South Africa)
The University of Chicago’s Center for the study of Race, Politics, and Culture (CSRPC) included the 2009 feature, Business is War, in its Black Youth Project’s archive of films about black youth.